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Maya Collection 

May 19, 2022 

The Westin Guadalajara

Many religions have their own beliefs about the existence of the world. But for the Mayans, how did it all start? Many of the existing Mayan writings were destroyed during the conquest and very little is known of what would have been known, much of our history was lost with them. The Popol Vuh, was a compilation of all the stories that were held from the beginning of its existence, it is recognized as "The Mayan sacred book". Part of this exhibition is to tell a little about Mayan beliefs, the stories that are told in this book. In each of the 7 works in this collection you can find images hidden in the painting that seeks to represent them, because all of this is what made this culture, one of the strongest and most intelligent that existed and continues to exist, unfortunately it is Losing due to the discrimination that exists in our country towards the people of the original peoples, this is causing the loss of a language, a culture, tradition and a history.


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¿Quién soy?

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 MAYAN COLLECTION,The Westin Guadalajara, , Jalisco Mexico

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