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Vanesa Castillo, passionate visual artist who expresses, from her character, pictorial possibilities that invite reflection and/or enjoyment of each work executed by her. With a position towards climatic events and natural reserves. Forests, lakes, oceans, like urban panoramas that leave their mark on the impact of their viewer; events that give human beings reasons to discern about them. 


Vanesa collaborates with national galleries and various hotels (mainly with the Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara), leaving her mark through structured exhibitions, cocktails, and live paintings. His aesthetic journey is a fusion of the love for visual creation with the creation of memorable experiences for his public, who in the hotels present themselves as guests and in their exhibitions as reasons to discern about approaches of "catastrophe"?, pollution, or abandoned memory of the roots of the town where she was born; from where he maintains that: "Art has the power to transform not only physical spaces, but also the experiences of those who inhabit them, becoming an integral part of the narrative of the spaces."


2024.   Exhibition Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen (March-July), Quintana Roo, Mexico

2023    Exhibition Hector Diaz Gallery  (June), Jalisco, Mexico

2022    Exhibition Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara (September), Jalisco, Mexico

2022    Exhibition The Westin Guadalajara (May), Jalisco, Mexico

2022    Participation Mission Fed Art Walk in San Diego, California, USA.

2021     Presentation and exhibition at Angeles Lomas Hospital in CDMX (November), Mexico

2021     Exhibition of works Paseo Interlomas CDMX(August-September), Mexico

2021     Exhibition Hyatt Andares Guadalajara (June), Jalisco, Mexico

2021     Exhibition Four Seasons Punta Mita (March-September), Nayarit, Mexico


2023     Publication in Conciencia Pública (March), Jalisco, Mexico

2022     Publication in Players of life Guadalajara (May), Jalisco, Mexico

2022     Publication inThe San Diego Union-Tribune, California, United States

2021     Mural in Paseo Interlomas CDMX (July), Mexico

2021     Publication Players of life Guadalajara (June), Jalisco, Mexico

2021     Publication in Reforma (April 2021 and September), CDMX, Mexico


2023   Running a contemporary gallery course inSotheby's on-line

2022   Course on working collections with Hector Diaz Gallery

2019    Art History Semester in The Florence Institute of Design International,  Florence, Italy

2019    art classes in Accademia del Giglio, Florence, Italy

2017     Bachelor in Comprehensive Design in the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of the West, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

2017    Illustration workshop with Barbara Brocchi in Hard to Find, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

2016    Working with the painter Tanya Talamante, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


2023.    Presence with Hector Diaz Gallery, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

2022     Presence with Amigos gallery , Miami, Florida, USA

2021     Participation with the foundation Tarahumara Heart at Expo Venta, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

2021     Work together with the brand OAXUM (Product Intervention), Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

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