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Mexican Art Collection

Vanesa Castillo Martín 

Mexico is a country so full of treasures that it would seem that the people and the Mexicans themselves do not see it. . I am focusing on topics about Mexico, everything that represents it, from its flora, its fauna, to its history and traditions, all with mixed technique. These works are the product of the inspiration that for me were two books, the first was "Mexico without sense" by Guillermo Hurado and the second "The labyrinth of solitude" by Octavio Paz, which talk about the identity crisis that exists in our country, a country that would seem to make no sense. With painting I seek to generate a questioning, I want each person who interacts with a work to ask themselves: Who are we Mexicans? What made us and what makes us what we are? and Who is Mexico?.

Vanesa (151).jpg


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